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Mammalz is the first interactive live streaming platform dedicated to nature storytelling, presenter-led shows, and IRL experiences. Every visit to Mammalz offers the opportunity to encounter nature in a totally new way through live streamers who may be naturalists, adventurers, guides, scientists, birdwatchers, travelers, NGOs, educators, or any of the millions of people worldwide who love nature.

Stories change the way we think about the world around us. Yet, for too long, communication about nature has been dominated by the same voices telling the same stories. And while the world rapidly and exponentially changes, our methods of communication about nature have not had the impact that we expected them to.

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We have created a new model for nature storytelling. One that invites diverse perspectives while providing economic opportunity to nature content creators across the globe. We are building a passionate community where telling stories, sharing your adventures, and interacting with each other in real-time leads to a greater connection to nature and to each other. Join us today, visit for more information.